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Which area of instruction does your child need help with?

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Are you worried about your child’s academic success and emotional well-being during these challenging times?


The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted education for millions of students around the world. With remote learning and social isolation, many children are struggling to keep up with their studies and stay connected to their peers.

Why should you choose Learning Re-Engineered?

My online tutoring service offers personalized support for all students, including those with ADHD, dyslexia, and mild autism.

With more than 20 years of experience working
with children from diverse backgrounds and focusing on social-emotional well-being, I can help your child overcome their challenges and succeed in school and in life.

In case you’re wondering if my tutoring services really work,

enroll in any of my tutoring programs today and receive my Literacy Guarantee, which promises real results with my proven process that has helped thousands improve their grades by rewiring their brain circuitry.


I use sensory-cognitive instruction to help your child visualize the material.


 I use Socratic Questioning to help your child engage and connect the dots.


I equip your child (even if they have ADHD, dyslexia, or mild autism) to dream and achieve inside and outside of the classroom.

image with chart showing the gray matter in your child's brain that's responsible for learning how to read before tutoring with sensory-cognitive training
image with chart showing gray matter in your child's brain that's responsible for learning to read after tutoring with sensory-cognitive training



Personalized Lesson Plans

I create personalized lesson plans for each student, taking into account their unique needs, learning style, learning differences, and cultural background.

This helps to ensure that students are engaged and motivated, and that they can make progress at their own pace.


Culturally Relevant Instruction

Emphasizing culturally relevant instruction, I incorporate students’ cultural backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives into my teaching.

This approach creates a more meaningful and engaging learning experience for students and can lead to better academic outcomes.


Multi-Sensory Techniques

I use multi-sensory techniques, such as visual aids, hands-on activities, and interactive software, to help students with learning challenges master reading, writing, and homework assignments.

This approach can help to make learning more accessible and engaging for students who may struggle with traditional teaching methods.


Social-Emotional Well-Being

I also emphasize social-emotional well-being, recognizing that academic success is not just about mastering content.

I work with students to build social skills, confidence, and resilience, helping them to develop a sense of belonging and connection.


homework help, staying focused, completing assignments


Does your child struggle with staying focused and completing their assignments?

need help with reading, improve reading skills


Does your child struggle with sounding out words, remembering sight words, or reading fluently?

understanding what was read, comprehension, critical thinking skills


Does your child struggle with understanding what was read or following directions?

need help writing, improve writing skills


Does your child struggle with putting their ideas into words whether its oral or verbal expression?


“With my daughter’s brain injury, Learning Re-engineered, helped her regain the confidence she once had before the incident. The assigned tutor was professional, patient, and attentive to her needs. Highly Recommend. Thank you Learning Re-engineered!”


Director of Career Services and Professional Development