Need help with preventing summer learning loss?

Does your child struggle with…

  • remembering key concepts learned during the school year,
  • participating in educational pursuits,
  • maintaining reading fluency, comprehension, and vocabulary development, or
  • learning challenges?
prevent summer loss during summer break

Learning Re-Engineered’s Summer Enrichment

Focusing on executive functioning skills and concept imagery, students in Learning Re-Engineered’s Summer Enrichment Program not only reinforce learning standards of the previous school year and fill in learning gaps to prepare for the upcoming school year, but they also learn time management and organizational skills and build routines.

prevent summer learning loss during summer break

Remembering Concepts and Filling in Learning Gaps

  • For the learner who doesn’t remember some of the concepts learned during the previous school year,
  • For the learner who needs to fill in learning gaps,
  • For the learner who needs to improve their organizational skills,
  • For the learner who struggles with maintaining reading fluency, comprehension, and vocabulary development,

this program reinforces concepts.

less stress, stress less

Less Stress

  • For the PARENT who wants to prevent summer learning loss for their child,
  • For the PARENT who wants their child to get a jumpstart on the upcoming school year, or
  • For the PARENT who doesn’t understand the Common Core Standards and needs help teaching their child,
  • For the PARENT who is too busy to help their child themselves,

this program fills in learning gaps.

Benefits of This Program

Less Stress for You

No need to waste time travelling to sessions.

Confidence Booster

Highlighting your child's strengths and including their interests, confidence and self-esteem is built.

Student Portal

Access to resources, read session notes, and make payments.

Interactive Online Learning

Koala is a fun, safe, and secure online collaborative learning space where your child will excel and flourish.

1 - on - 1

Instruction that is built around your child's individualized needs.

IXL/MobyMax Subscription

Access to educational resources on IXL /MobyMax.


You can pay weekly or monthly.

cost of tutoring session is $60 for 55 minutes