Need Help with improving your child’s comprehension?

Does your child struggle with…

  • understanding what was read,
  • following directions, or
  • remembering things?
understanding what was read, comprehension, critical thinking skills

Comprehension Skills Program

Focusing on concept imagery to create mental pictures for oral and written language, the Comprehension Skills Program not only improves listening and reading comprehension, but it also develops the imagery-language connection and increases vocabulary.

understanding oral and written language

Understanding Oral and Written Language

  • For the learner who can read, but struggles to understand what was read,
  • For the learner who doesn’t understand “why”,
  • For the learner who has been told that they’re lazy or they need to focus more,

this program will teach your child how to make a mental movie in their head that provides information that can be retained for later use.

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

  • For the learner who needs to increase their vocabulary and use their existing vocabulary for contextual clues,
  • For the learner who gets lost when they’re told to do more than one thing at a time,
  • For the learner who struggles with higher-order thinking,

this program will build concept imagery, the skill to prevent words from going in one ear and out the other.

Benefits of This Program

Less Stress for You

No need to waste time travelling to sessions.

Confidence Booster

Highlighting your child’s strengths and including their interests, confidence and self-esteem is built.

Student Portal

Access to resources, read session notes, and make payments.


Work in a safe, secure online, and interactive video conference.

1 – on – 1

Instruction that is built around your child’s individualized needs.

Community Newsletter

Access to educational information and discounts for future classes.


You can pay weekly or monthly.

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