Need Help with improving your child’s reading?

Does your child struggle with…

  • sounding out words,
  • remembering sight words,
  • reading fluently, or
  • spelling?
need help with reading, improve reading skills

Reading Skills Program

Focusing on sensory-cognitive processing, I use a multi-sensory approach to provide reading help that builds phonemic awareness, symbol imagery, word recognition, and reading fluency.

letters and sounds, phonemic awareness

Learning Letters and Sounds

  • For the learner who has difficulty connecting letters and sounds,
  • For the learner who struggles with memorizing sight words,
  • For the learner who gets frustrated as they practice the same words over and over, but the words never stick,

this program will solidify symbol imagery the key skill to retain letter and sound connections, patterns, and sight words.

reading fluently

Reading Fluently

  • For the learner who struggles with reading fluently,
  • For the learner who is embarrassed reading “baby books”,
  • For the learner who needs to practice using isolated skills to read sentences and passages,

this program creates a strong foundation while reading high-interest books at their reading level so they don’t feel bored.

Benefits of This Program

Less Stress for You

No need to waste time travelling to sessions.

Confidence Booster

Highlighting your child's strengths and including their interests, confidence and self-esteem is built.

Student Portal

Access to resources, read session notes, and make payments.

Interactive Online Learning

Koala is a fun, safe, and secure online collaborative learning space where your child will excel and flourish.

1 - on - 1

Instruction that is built around your child's individualized needs.

IXL/MobyMax Subscription

Access to educational resources on IXL /MobyMax.


You can pay weekly or monthly.

cost of tutoring session is $60 for 55 minutes