Do you need a helping hand

  • because you’re tired of hearing that your child needs to work harder or focus more,
  • because your child struggles with comprehension, but school resources only focus on decoding skills, or
  • because you want your child to do their assignments without you nagging them or getting into an argument?


I offer the following services

as solutions to your problems.

My Literacy Launchpad includes

3 easy steps to work with me.

Initial Consultation

You will set up a FREE discovery call which will include an online assessment only if you’re interested in reading or writing instruction.

Lessons Scheduled

We find the days and times that work best to meet through video conferencing.

Regular Feedback

I will provide a short report after each lesson.

If your child receives reading or writing instruction, I will  also re-assess your child every three months to monitor progress and to change your child’s learning plan to meet their needs.

Need Help With Preventing Summer Learning Loss?

summer enrichment


Does your child struggle with remembering key concepts learned during the school year?


Students in Learning Re-Engineered’s Summer Enrichment Program reinforce learning standards of the previous school year and fill in learning gaps to prepare for the upcoming school years through fun and engaging activities.

Need Help With Reading?

need help with reading, improve reading skills


Does your child struggle with sounding out words, recognizing sight words, or reading fluently?


Focusing on sensory-cognitive processing, the Reading Skills Program builds phonemic awareness, symbol imagery,  orthographic processing, and reading fluency.


“I love the books that you had our daughters reading!”

Need Help With Comprehending?

understanding what was read, comprehension, critical thinking skills


Does your child read accurately, but struggle with understanding what was read, following directions, and remembering things?


Focusing on concept imagery to create mental pictures for oral and written language, the Comprehension Skills Program not only improves listening and reading comprehension, but it also develops the imagery-language connection and increases vocabulary.

Need Help With Writing?

need help writing, improve writing skills


Does your child struggle with writing?


Focusing on concept imagery to create mental pictures before they write them on paper, the Writing Skills Program trains students to write with cohesive ideas, fluid thoughts, and descriptive language.

Need Help With Homework?

homework help, staying focused, completing assignments


Does your child struggle to stay focused and complete assignments?


Focusing on executive functioning skills and concept imagery, students in the Homework Help Program not only complete their homework assignments and fill in learning gaps, but they also learn time management, and organizational skills, and build routines.


“My daughter’s grade started at 34% and went up to 83% by the end of the semester. Thank you!”