My religion is not a crime





My Skin Color is Not a Crime


Dismantling educational inequities.


Close educational gaps that affect the historically underserved.


Challenge stereotypes and invite dialogue about diversity.

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Dismantling Educational Inequities

Learning Re-Engineered isn’t just about teaching; it’s about dismantling the educational inequities that marginalize students based on their skin color and learning needs.

Close Educational Gaps

By adopting evidence-based, engaging teaching methods, I strive to give every learner—whether dealing with ADHD, dyslexia, or simply aiming to excel—an equal shot at success.

Challenge Stereotypes and Promote Dialogue

My approach intentionally counters systemic gaps that often sideline students of diverse backgrounds serving as further touchpoints for sparking crucial conversations about equity and inclusion. 

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Peace and blessings!

Join me in not only tackling educational disparities head-on but in building an inclusive culture where the color of your skin is never a barrier to your potential.