A Parent’s Guide to Getting $1500 or $3000 for Tutoring with Learning Re-Engineered

Are you a parent in Virginia concerned about the pandemic’s impact on your child’s learning? The educational hurdles of the past two years, combined with the traditional summer slide, may have left you searching for support.

Learning Re-Engineered is excited to share a solution with the Virginia Department of Education’s K-12 Learning Acceleration Grant.

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Imagine your child receiving personalized, one-on-one tutoring sessions, bolstering their academic growth and confidence. Whether attending public school, private school, or being home-schooled, your family can qualify for a learning acceleration grant of $1500 or $3000, with no income requirements for the smaller grant.

Learning Re-Engineered is honored to be a chosen provider for the Virginia Department of Education’s K-12 Learning Acceleration Grant. This educational initiative is aimed at supporting Virginia’s families as they navigate the pandemic’s lasting effects on education.

Read on to discover how easy it is to apply for this grant and how Learning Re-Engineered will guide your child to academic success.

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How to Get the VDOE’s Learning Acceleration Grant: A Simple 3-Step Process


Create an Account.

Once approved, you’ll receive instructions via email to create an account on ClassWallet. Your grant will stay in your ClassWallet Purse until used for approved educational services.


Schedule Tutoring.

After seeing the tutoring credit in your ClassWallet account, schedule a call with us. Let us know that you’re using a VDOE learning acceleration grant.

Don’t Let the Opportunity Slip Away

Your child’s future is calling, and this grant is the key to unlocking their potential. Think of the laughter, joy, and growth that awaits them with personalized tutoring. The path to confidence, learning, and success is right at your fingertips. If your heart aches for your child to shine, to believe in themselves, and to overcome educational challenges, this is the time to act.

Click the link to apply now, and let’s embark on this beautiful journey of education and personal development together. Your child’s success story starts here.

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