A Parent’s Guide to Overcome Reading Difficulties: Proven Strategies and Tools

Is your child still struggling to overcome reading difficulties?

If so, you’re not alone in this struggle.

In 2022, the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) reported a concerning drop in reading scores for fourth and eighth graders across the United States, reflecting a 3-point decrease compared to 2019. This startling trend highlights the challenges faced by many families.

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Reading difficulties might be common, but there are proven strategies that can help.

Can you imagine the joy, pride, and newfound self-esteem on your child’s face as they conquer reading challenges, sentence by sentence?

With proven strategies, your child can not only overcome reading difficulties but develop a love and passion for reading that lasts a lifetime.

Let’s talk about five ways to transform your struggling reader into a confident and proficient reader. Your child’s journey to overcome reading difficulties begins here!

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Five Strategies to Overcome Reading Difficulties


Use Technology to Make Learning Fun.

In this digital age, technology offers various tools to make reading engaging and enjoyable by providing creative and personalized learning experiences tailored to your child’s needs and interests.

Here are some apps and games that can help your child overcome reading difficulties:

  • Duolingo – Duolingo is a language learning app that can help children improve their decoding skills by teaching them how to recognize and sound out new words in different languages.

  • Readability – Readability is a free app that uses artificial intelligence to help children improve their decoding skills by breaking down complex texts into simpler, more manageable sections.
  • Scrabble – Scrabble is a classic word game that can help children improve their decoding skills by encouraging them to think critically about letter combinations and word structure.
  • Word Connect – Word Connect is a puzzle game that challenges older children to use their decoding skills to connect letters and form words.
  • ABC Spelling – ABC Spelling is an app that can help children improve their decoding skills by providing them with a fun and interactive way to practice spelling and reading new words.

Remember that these apps and games should be used in conjunction with other reading strategies and should not be relied upon as the sole method for improving reading difficulties.


Practice Active Reading to Enhance Critical Thinking.

Encourage your child to ask questions, make predictions, and summarize what they read.

Engaging with the text fosters understanding and retention.

Active reading creates a learning environment where your child can think, reflect, and grow.


Utilize Graphic Organizers to Simplify Complex Ideas.

Graphic organizers enable children to visualize relationships and connections, organize their thoughts and ideas while reading, enhancing comprehension, and memory.

For example, a mind map can help them connect different ideas, while a Venn diagram can help them compare and contrast different characters or themes.


Embrace Audiobooks to Improve Comprehension and Fluency.

Audiobooks provide a unique opportunity to hear the language’s rhythm, tone, and expression.

Following along with the text helps reinforce what they hear, improving both comprehension and fluency.


Seek Professional Help if Needed for Personalized Support.

Sometimes, a little extra help can make all the difference to overcome reading difficulties.

Experienced teachers, reading specialists, or educational therapists can provide one-on-one support tailored to your child’s unique needs.

Or schedule a free assessment and consultation with me.

Remember, there’s no shame in needing a little extra help.

Empowering You to Overcome Your Child’s Reading Difficulties

Encourage your child to utilize technology, practice active reading, use graphic organizers, try audiobooks, and seek help if needed. These strategies can help your child develop the skills they need to succeed and feel proud of their progress.

Empower both yourself and your child to overcome reading difficulties with these proven strategies. With patience, consistency, and the right approach, you can turn reading from a challenging task into a joyous journey for your child.

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